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Beijing Visitor Attractions

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Beijing Attractions

Beijing Sights: Part of the Forbidden City, Beijing
What to do in Beijing

There are some things which every Beijing tourist must see – The Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, and The Forbidden City among them. The Forbidden City was home to two dynasties of Chinese Emperors. Other less well known sights like Yonghegong Lama Temple may prove just as memorable.

Beijing Attractions – Hutongs are a must

A Beijing hutong tour is another must-do. Hutongs are the narrow alleyways which made up old Beijing, a great place to see Chinese people living their lives as the have done for centuries.

Beijing Attractions – Temple of Heaven

The appearance of the Temple of Heaven on virtually every Beijing postcard is a testament to its importance. Its triple gabled, blue roofed Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is a wonder of Ming architecture.

Beijing Attractions – Summer Palace

The Summer Palace where the Imperial family used to go to escape the heat of the Beijing summer now throngs with tourists doing exactly the same thing. Hire a boat out onto the beautiful Kunming Lake, or climb to the top of a pavilion for an amazing view.

Beijing Attractions – Jingshan Park

Beijing’s Jingshan Park centres on a hill made from earth excavated to create the moat around the Forbidden City. The Park is full of Chinese people practising calligraphy, talking, practising tai chi and playing musical instruments, and the view is one of the best in Beijing. If you only had half an hour in Beijing, this might well be where we’d advise you to go.

Including all the sights in Beijing would exhaust several encyclopedias, here are a few more good ones:
The Mao Mausoleum
Beijing Zoo
Ox Street – The Muslim Quarter
Beijing Black Bamboo Park
The Great Hall of the People
The National Museum

Beijing Tours

Beijing Hotels

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Beijing Flights

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Beijing Attractions

What to see and do around Beijing
Beijing Attractions: The Great Wall of China

Wonder at the Great Wall, be awed by the magnificent Forbidden City, drink in the scenery from a boat on the Summer Palace’s Kunming Lake.

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